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      The Rutledge Marketing Strategy

      MA Real Estate Market StrategyRutledge Properties is Wellesley’s premier independent office, not part of a large impersonal chain or franchise. Locally owned and operated, Rutledge Properties has been selling real estate west of Boston since 1978 and is widely respected for its innovation, integrity, and individualized service.

      Real Estate Marketing Plan

      The real estate market west of Boston is, like all local markets, always in flux. Each marketing plan is tailored to the current market and the specific property. In general, each Rutledge agent's mutual goal is to get the best price in the shortest time at the least inconvenience to the seller. We do believe that the closer a house is priced to its true market value, the least, if any, discount will be negotiated. We believe that the highest price and most qualified buyer will be reached only through maximum exposure to the open market.

      Marketing Your Real Estate with a Bang

      The initial impact and excitement of a house coming on the market is important and should not be diluted. Thus, we advise “coming on with a bang, not a whimper” by orchestrating simultaneous advertising, MLS listing dissemination and open house announcements.

      Contact us if you have questions about the selling process and how we can sell your home!


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      Selling Your Home

      A written market analysis prepared by a knowledgeable, experienced MA real estate sales person will provide quantitative evidence of the value of the subject property. Rutledge Properties uses recent sales, both those closed and pending, of comparable properties, to substantiate the recommended listing price for a property. We also list competing properties in order to judge how the house will show to prospective buyers.

      All your Rutledge Properties agent really needs to start a market analysis is your address and access to the property. Our computerized records and 33 years of experience supply the data.

      You may find a market analysis useful in making plans.

      Let us help you, contact us! We are always happy to answer any questions you might have about selling a home in Wellesley or another Boston area town.

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      Sellers Information

      The first step in selling is choosing a real estate professional to represent you. Personal referrals are your most direct path to the right agent for you. Other sources are web pages, referral networks, and open houses.

      After presenting a market analysis and marketing proposal, your Rutledge Properties listing agent will guide you through the forms required by the state and the local multiple listing service and advise you on the presentation of the property (see selling your home).

      Massachusetts has a 2-step process for transferring (selling) real estate. All agreements between the parties must be in writing. The sale can be closed with a fully executed offer, so be careful what you sign! However, most sales take place through an offer to purchase and a purchase and sale agreement.

      The standard form Offer to Purchase for a property sets forth the description, the price, the timing, deposits, and any contingencies agreed upon by the parties. These contingencies often include financing and inspections. Lead paint notification and agency disclosure are required by law. The deposit proffered by the buyer is held in escrow by the listing broker.

      The Purchase and Sale Agreement is usually executed 10 days to 2 weeks after the offer (giving time for inspections) and is negotiated by the parties’ attorneys.

      The closing date is established in the Offer and the Purchase and Sale Agreement. Usually the “bank attorney” conducts the closing. The seller provides the deed (drawn up by his attorney and accepted by the buyer’s attorney), the smoke and carbon monoxide detector certificate from the local fire department, evidence of paid town utilities and taxes, Title 5 certificate if the property has a septic system, and the keys.

      There is a “stamp tax” of $4.56/$1000.

      The sale is complete when title passes and the deed has been recorded.

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      Before You Sell


      Contact us if you have questions about the selling process and how we can sell your home!

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