Wellesley High School Lacrosse Team

Come Cheer on Wellesley Raiders Lacrosse Team!

We at Rutledge Properties are pleased and proud of the Wellesley High School Varsity Lacrosse team for their amazing winning season (16-0) and cheer them on as they begin the playoffs. Two team members are sons of agents here at Rutledge. Go Raiders!

Here's a summary of the season from Coach Batty (from the Wellesley High School Lacrosse Team website)

The Raiders went undefeated in the regular season, winning all sixteen of their games. Further, Wellesley won the Herget Division of the Bay State Conference outright for the first time since 2006. Above and beyond this, we secured the #1 seed in the Playoffs, which means home-field advantage for us as long as we last! We also had a number of players receive individual recognition--with each award representing, to me, just tremendous team effort: Connor Darcey - All-American, EMass All-Star, BSC MVP, BSC First Team All-Star Sam Lawrence (son of Chrissie Lawrence, Rutledge Properties agent) - All-American, EMass All-Star, BSC First Team All-Star Charlie Jennings - EMass All-Star, BSC First Team All-Star Jimmy Hughto (son of Kathy Hughto, Rutledge Properties agent) - EMass All-Star, BSC First Team All-Star Ryan Cassidy - EMass All-Star, BSC First Team All-Star Oliver Saffery - BSC First Team All-Star Peter Crane - BSC First Team All-Star Adam Horelick - BSC Second Team All-Star

It took a ton of work and a huge commitment from the entire program to get here. The road wasn't ever easy, and I give all of the credit to the young men on this team and to the assistant coaches who have quietly and humbly come to work everyday. Before I address the postseason, I want to recap our last five games.

On May 10th, we traveled to Brookline, and came home with a hard-fought 10-5 win. Oliver Saffery led the team in ground balls with 10, to go along with his 1g/1a effort. Paul Vasko, John Caraviello, and Jake Refojo each had a goal, while Peter Crane, Sam Lawrence, and Charlie Jennings each had 2 tallies, and Adam Horelick and Ryan Cassidy each added an assist. Our defense was stellar, after a rocky start, holding the Warriors scoreless for the final 22 minutes of the game.

On May 13th, Norwood was our target, and we won a convincing 10-3 battle. It took Norwood 17 minutes to score; and we had a first-half drought between goals of 20 minutes. At halftime, the score was 2-2. Our defense remained solid, holding the Mustangs to just one more goal (after 28 more scoreless minutes), and our offense came to life for 7 scores in the second half. Crane had 1/3, Lawrence deliver 1/0, Jennings was 4/1, Saffery had 2/2, Caraviello had 1/1, and Peter Hogan got in on the action with a goal. Cassidy totaled 10 ground balls.

We hosted a home game against Braintree on May 17th. We won 13-2, and had help from everyone on the team. It was nice to see Sean O'Rourke get back in the scoring column with 3 goals and an assist, as well as James Kim and Reed Westerman who each had a goal. Connor Darcey was solid in net, and Sam Shockley contributed with a second-half save.

The homestand continued two days later against a very strong Newton North team. They were poised to knock us off, and our guys really rose to the challenge. We led all the way, and never let the Tigers get too close for comfort. For the efforts, we won 10-6. Darcey was huge, with 13 saves. Scorers included: Hogan (1/0), Crane (3/1), O'Rourke (2/1), Lawrence (1/2), Jennings (2/0), Saffery (0/1), Caraviello (0/1), and Andrew Docktor (1/0). Once again, our entire team just showed that they know what it takes to win.

The final challenge of the regular season was Natick, on May 23rd. I was psyched to drive into the Sprague parking lot and see a big Natick flag flying on top of a tall pole. Needless to say, our flags were up as well, and two proud programs were going to go at it. Our defense was just massive all day. Daniel Elfman filled in for an injured Ryan Cassidy, and didn't skip a beat. The combination of Horelick, Docktor, Adam Johnson, Cole Bouley, Jimmy Hughto, and Eamon Bousa held the Red & Blue offense scoreless all day. Connor Darcey had 10 saves, and the only player to score for Natick was a longpole defenseman. We won 7-2, with scoring from: James Kim (0/1), O'Rourke (2/0), Lawrence (3/0), Jennings (1/2), Saffery (1/0), Docktor (0/1), and Peter Hogan (0/1). The regular season was done, and this team went 16-0! A job well done.

Our reward was a #1 seed, and the reality was that our record just reverted back to 0-0, with many points to prove. For over a week, the team has been slogging through our first heat wave of the season, and I think they're ready to put it all on the line in hopes of five more wins. We start tomorrow with a home game against a very good Burlington team. If we continue to pay attention to details, and if we continue to rely on team concepts that involve everyone, I think we have a chance at a very long run. Come cheer us on!