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Proud to Be Part of Our Community: Kathy Hughto

tech <p>With the start of the new year, we at Rutledge as part of our new <strong>"Proud to Be Part of Our Community"</strong> series, will be highlighting for you the wonderful work that our agents do in our communities.</p> <p>Rutledge Properties' agents are dedicated to their home towns, volunteering for town, school and public service activities which serve town residents and those in need.</p> <p>Every realtor at Rutledge Properties understands that buying and selling homes is only part of the story. It all begins with you, the client, and we understand that love of and commitment to our communities of Wellesley, Weston, Needham, Natick, Sherborn and beyond help us to understand your needs as you settle into a new home and possibly a new town as well.</p> <p>With that being said, we would like to highlight <a title= "Kathy Hughto of Rutledge Properties" href= "" target="_blank"><strong>Kathy Hughto</strong></a> who is <strong>Proud to Be A Part of Our Community</strong>.</p> <h2><strong><a href= ""> <img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-897" style= "margin-left: 6px;margin-right: 6px" src= "" alt="" width="229" height="288" /></a>Kathy Hughto</strong></h2> <p>Kathy was recently featured as a "Bright Light" in the Wellesley Local Town Pages newspaper for her volunteer work with incarcerated women at MCI Framingham, a maximum security prison, and South Middlesex, a minimum security prison. Kathy works with an innovative program meant to connect incarcerated mothers with their children known as <strong>Read to Me Mommy</strong>.  Here is a teaser with a link to the full article on the <a title= "Wellesley Town News" href="" target="_blank"><strong> page</strong></a>.</p> <h2><strong>Bright Lights: Wellesleyites You Should Know</strong></h2> <p><em>by Je'Lesia M. Jones</em></p> <p>There are many stereotypes of incarcerated women. Some views are fact-based, while countless opinions lean toward misrepresentations. Whatever the perception of females behind bars, Kathleen Hughto's vision is different: she simply sees a woman whose life has taken a very difficult turn.</p> <p>"Most of the women want all the things we want, primarily love," the 27-year Wellesley resident said. "That is why it is important to reach out ... it is such a gift to be with the women; to know their remorse, regret, their sadness. Many don't know what it feels like to be loved. Most of them have been ignored, left on their own to figure it out."</p> <p><a title="Kathy Hughto of Rutledge Properties" href= "" target="_blank"><strong>Click here to read the rest of the article</strong></a>. When you get to the page, click on the Wellesley Town News image - it will pull up a PDF file that you can read.</p> <p><a title="Kathy Hughto of Rutledge Properties" href= "" target="_blank"><strong>Click here to find out more about Kathy Hughto and how she can serve your real estate needs.</strong></a></p>

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