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The Northside of Weston is alive and well and outselling the come? (part one)

by Marcie Pucker, Realtor and longtime resident of Weston

For years, I feel that certain brokers have been pushing the Southside of Weston while ignoring the Northside of town. Having grown up on the Southside, and now living on the Northside, I am an admirer of both sides for their unique and vastly different character.

I have always wondered, why has the Northside been under appreciated? A short history and description of each side in terms of geography, history and character might shed some light.

Where is the Southside?

Encompassing those neighborhoods from Rte 20 (Boston Post Rd. and bypass) to the Wellesley/Natick line, the Southside contains these streets:

  • Country Drive
  • Weston Estates
  • Glen Road area
  • Ridgeway
  • Sherburn Circle
  • Sylvan Lane area
  • Shady Hill
  • The Country Club neighborhoods
  • The Highland Street/Black Oak neighborhoods.

This side of town is often characterized by larger tracts of land, oak forests and country clubs. There is a more manicured, suburbanized feel that mirror those towns abutting to the south: Natick, Wellesley and Wayland.

Pinebrook Country Club

And where is the Northside?

The Northside contains those neighborhoods north of Rte 20 and heading toward the Lincoln/Waltham lines:

  • Hitching Post
  • Webster Hill
  • Town House
  • Church/Coburn
  • Partridge Hill
  • Pigeon Hill
  • Concord /Sudbury Roads
  • Merriam neighborhoods
  • Cherry Brook

This side of town is characterized by a more rural feel, reminiscent of its neighbor, Lincoln. Larger trees line the winding roads often demarked as "scenic."

More of the town's oldest homes are located here including the town center antiques as well as those along Church Street, Sudbury Road and Indian Hill.

Also included are more of the Colonial Revivals of the early 1900s, and 1930s genre houses. A few homes from the MIT Tech/Deck House movement of the 1950s remain; while they were fast becoming a memory, they are experiencing a resurgence of popularity in the last two years and are being transformed to California modern.

Topographically, the Northside consists of more hills, lakes, rivers and streams, and it has the largest pocket of evergreen forest.

Town history

In the next post, I will describe how the two sides have evolved through the town's history.

In the meantime, if Weston sounds like the perfect town for you, give me a call at 781-710-1741 or send me an email at and I'd be happy to help!

Marcie Pucker

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