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The Northside of Weston is alive and well and outselling the come? (part two)

In the first post of this series, I introduced you to Weston's charming North and South sides. Here's some interesting historical perspective on both sides.

Historical perspective

If you trace Weston's history, much of this delineation (and I suspect categorizing of the "sides") evolved at the turn of the century. Weston had moved from its rural to its more aristocratic heritage coupled with the industrialization that was going on at that time.

Once divided by vast tracts of farmland owned by old New England families, Weston began to evolve between the mid 1800s and the turn of the century.

Changes on the Southside

On the Southside, farmland was sold to many Boston Brahmin families who built country estates to enjoy the fresh air and nature; subsequently the area adopted an image of privilege.  Fifty years passed and many of those estates, hunting lodges and country summer cottages either burned down and/or the land was sold and subdivided to builders. The town became more suburbanized.

Changes on the Northside

Industrialization came to parts of the Northside as farmland was sold to manufacturing companies. The abundance of water sources for power as well as the railroads for transportation made the area attractive for development.

Other sections were developed into 1930s neighborhoods, and subsequently 1960s neighborhoods, but the Northside never lost its more rural identity.  Weston did not allow the marquee north streets such as Conant, Merriam, Church and Sudbury to be developed in a way that would erase horse footpath history forever.  As a further credit to town planning, some of the largest blocks of land were earmarked as conservation forest such as Sunday Woods, Cat Rock and Burchard Park.

Rediscovering the Northside

Next time we'll get to the heart of the matter - why homebuyers are rediscovering the Northside.

You may have a home you've had your eye on for some time in Weston. Or perhaps you need to move. With my longtime roots in Weston and my real estate experience, I know I can help you. Give me a call at 781-710-1741 or send me an email at and let's get started!

Marcie Pucker

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