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Preparing your home for sale

512 2-front walkFall is always a great time to list your property, and never more so than this year! The number of homes for sale in Wellesley continues to be less than the number of buyers and the threat of rising interest rates are spurring even more buyers into the market. If you're considering a move, NOW is the time to list! One key to taking advantage of this seller's market is presenting your house at maximum appeal. Your home should never look better than the day you list it!

A critical step in preparing to list your house is to transition it from your home to a place buyers can see as their potential home. That means depersonalizing the house to some degree. Weed out and put away some family photos, awards, sports trophies, travel souvenirs and collectible items. Box up these items in preparation for your move and put them in a rented storage unit. You don't want to store these boxes in your attic, garage or basement where they will diminish the size of those spaces.

Next you will want to use a careful eye to identify the other "clutter" which makes the house feel smaller. The kitchen is an easy place to start and to give you momentum as you move into other rooms of the house. Take everything off the counters - everything! Anything you do not use regularly, box up and send to your storage unit. All other items need to be stored out of sight. When you are relocating the countertop items to a kitchen cabinet, drawer or pantry, make sure you don't cram them in. Box any item you don't use regularly so that prospective buyers open your cabinets to see lots of open space.

Repeat these steps throughout your house and especially in bathrooms, storage areas and CLOSETS. Remember that home buyers will open every door and cabinet in your house in order to check that the house has enough room for their "stuff". This same concept holds true for removing all but the essential pieces of furniture and especially bookcases.

It's now time for a thorough cleaning by a professional cleaning service. The kitchen and bathrooms deserve special attention because those rooms, in particular, set an impression of how well a house is maintained. Windows, window sills and baseboards are other areas that should get extra cleaning attention.

Next, let's work together to identify any repairs and upgrades that will make the best impact on your sales price. Professional knowledge and an unemotional review of your house is key to knowing that, for example, a new front door and freshly painted kitchen are more valuable than replacing a worn basement carpet. You won't want to spend money on house repairs or improvements without their guidance. Your realtor can also help you decide if staging is needed for your house or any one area of the house.

Most important, take a thorough look at your house's curb appeal. According to the National Association of Realtors, curb appeal sells 49% of all houses. Fresh mulch, new planters, a green lawn, and a freshly washed walk and porch do more than just welcome buyers, they set the tone for how a buyer will react once inside.

Need a Guy?

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