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New Construction - Full of Benefits

The historic homes of Wellesley and the "good bones" of the houses built in the mid-20th century enhance the charm of our town. Luckily, today's builders understand the importance of character and details in building a new house. Builders have found a great balance between matching the charm of New England homes with the way today's families live. When house-hunting this spring you might consider the new construction offerings and the host of advantages that come with purchasing a new home.

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The most obvious advantage in new construction is just that - it's new! Every part of the home is new from the roof and the windows to the appliances and systems. This brings many distinct advantages. (need to clean up first.... as all paragraphs are about the advantages)

First, the builder may offer a warrantee on the house itself, and at a minimum the appliances and systems will come with warranties.  The first owner will enjoy lower repair costs for a several years and extra family, hobby or sport time thanks to the reduced routine or unexpected repairs. Secondly, today's construction materials help maintain the home over time. For example, the lumber used in today's joists and frames is treated to prevent termites, an advance not available even 20 years ago. As another example, exterior trim is often done with PVC Composite products which only requires power washing not routine sanding and staining.

Due to a combination of advanced materials and energy efficiencies, the operating costs of new homes are lower. Energy Star appliances, more robust insulation, multi-pane windows and more efficient heating and cooling systems all play a part in reducing monthly costs, not to mention increasing general comfort in the home. Kevin Morrow, senior program manager for the National Association of Home Builders' green-building programs notes "You are starting to see triple- and quadruple-paned windows. These are windows that are designed to really minimize the transfer of heat either from warm to cold or vice versa."

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There are several other financial advantages to new home owner including the possibility of earning income tax credit and builder offered mortgage-financing perks. If taxes were assessed on the property when it was an inexpensive home or a bare lot, you will get a tax break until the property is reassessed with the new home included.

Safety is a distinct advantage of newly built homes. New construction complies with the current building codes which are routinely updated to account for advances in safety. The electrical system will safely accommodate modern appliances and components like high definition televisions, security systems, smoke detectors, audio systems and general flexibility for today's evolving technology. Don't forget that the air quality in a new home is excellent. All the duct work is new and the heat and cooling systems are clean.

New construction sometimes feels more current because the design often reflects the modern way families live and entertain. New homes are likely to have open floor plans with rooms that flow into each other easily. High ceilings and large windows create an airy feel that is current without losing character. Then there are the details of convenience like information centers in the kitchen, ample storage areas throughout the house, large mudrooms and laundry rooms located near bedrooms.

A final advantage of new construction is that you may be able to make your own choices on finishes.   If you enter into contract early enough, you may be able to customize the home's features like paint colors, cabinet, counter, and tile choices as well as wood floor finishes.

Does new sound intriguing? Click here for a link to New Homes we are currently marketing (check out our Featured Listings).

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