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How to Sell an Ugly House - When You Don't Have Funds to Fix Your Fixer-Upper, All Is Not Lost

(from US News and World Report Real Estate)

Sometimes you can't sell the house you want to sell. You have to sell the house you have.

Grant MacDonald middleton farm house, Flickr Creative Commons

Perhaps you're broke or rushed, and you don't have the time or money to make home improvements, like finishing the basement or painting the house. Maybe even hiring a cleaning crew to scrub down your home seems like a financial reach. You simply need to sell your not-so-awesome house.

What do you do?

Money talks. If your house is something of an eyesore, you can still sell it. But you'll almost certainly have to sell it for less than you could have otherwise.

Don't assume the worst. You may feel like you would never buy your home in its current state, and therefore, nobody else would either.

But your real estate agent may not see this as a big deal. For instance, Kella McCaskill, a real estate agent with Keller Williams Tampa Central, in Tampa, Florida, lists some minor issues that may feel major to you:

  1. Your house is outdated
  2. Your flooring isn't very good
  3. You have no air-conditioning

Of course, you may wonder what a major issue would be, and McCaskell cites a few items like structural damage, water damage and drywall problems. So if the house isn't falling apart, you're probably going to get a decent price relative to the area - just not top dollar.

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