The Rutledge Marketing Strategy

MA Real Estate Market StrategyRutledge Properties is Wellesley’s premier independent office, not part of a large impersonal chain or franchise. Locally owned and operated, Rutledge Properties has been selling real estate west of Boston since 1978 and is widely respected for its innovation, integrity, and individualized service.

Real Estate Marketing Plan

The real estate market west of Boston is, like all local markets, always in flux. Each marketing plan is tailored to the current market and the specific property. In general, each Rutledge agent's mutual goal is to get the best price in the shortest time at the least inconvenience to the seller. We do believe that the closer a house is priced to its true market value, the least, if any, discount will be negotiated. We believe that the highest price and most qualified buyer will be reached only through maximum exposure to the open market.

Marketing Your Real Estate with a Bang

The initial impact and excitement of a house coming on the market is important and should not be diluted. Thus, we advise “coming on with a bang, not a whimper” by orchestrating simultaneous advertising, MLS listing dissemination and open house announcements.

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