What You Can Do to Avoid Inspection Red Flags

What You Can Do to Avoid Inspection Red Flags

How to Prepare for the Return of Inspections
As the market settles down a little, home inspection contingencies are back. Whether you plan to sell this year or in a few years, there are things you can do to set yourself up for a clean inspection report. Here are some areas to attend to yourself or hire a professional to look now at to avoid flags on an inspection report later.

Maintain Your Foundation & Siding
Be sure to keep water and vegetation away from the foundation and siding of your home. Your downspouts should be connected and directed away from the house. Consider replacing mulch with crushed stone and moving any plants that are currently against your house. While you are at it, move firewood piles away from the home to another area of your property.

Investigate Wood Rot
Wood rot can take hold in naturally damp areas of your home (like kitchens and bathrooms) or rooms with leaks. It can be hard to spot but look for clues like discolored patches of wood or areas where the texture of the wood seems different. You can also call in a professional to do a complete assessment. In some cases, you may need to replace rotted wood. In others, you may be able dry the wood out by addressing the source of the moisture with fixes like bathroom vents, dehumidifiers, or new seals for window and door frames.

Clean Your Dryer Vents
Clogged dryer vents cause thousands of home fires every year in our country. In addition to cleaning the lint trap every time you use your dryer, annual maintenance is crucial. Once per year, thoroughly clean your dryer vent to protect your home and keep your clothes dryer working efficiently.

Be Proactive About Pest Control
No one wants to learn about pests from the buyer's inspection report. Consider having a pest control company inspect your home to assess and address any issues, seal up entry points for rodents, and take care of any insect damage.

Handle Other Exterior Projects
Keeping your entryway safe and attractive is a great way to enhance the value of your property. Replace pavers, resurface front steps, and reseal your driveway if any of these areas need attention. It's also a good idea to clean your chimneys regularly, repointing any crumbling bricks and replacing the chimney cap as required.

If you need names of trusted experts to help with any of the proactive maintenance above, I’m happy to help! And if you are planning to buy or sell a home in the coming year, I’d love to help you navigate the process.

October’s Top Three: Getting the Most Out of a Home Inspection
Buyers are breathing big sighs of relief now that home inspections are again the norm. Be sure to keep these three tips in mind to get the most out of the home inspection, and let me know if you need recommendations for some of my favorite inspectors in the area!

1. Come Prepared
Attend the inspection and bring a list of specific questions you have about the property to ask your inspector. If you have any areas of particular concern, this can give you the peace of mind that the inspector has given them an extra thorough look. Be sure that the inspector verifies any repairs listed in the seller disclosures as well.

2. Get Photos
Be sure that your inspector photographs any potential issues, even in places they may check out alone, such as crawl space or the attic. Having photographic proof of any problems can help you fully understand what you're dealing with and negotiate an appropriate solution.

3. Learn About the Property
The home inspection is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the home you'll soon be occupying. Pay attention to the locations of water main shutoffs, circuit breaker panels, and other key components. Try not to get in the way of the inspector doing their work, but do learn as much as you can from their expertise.

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