Buyer's Guide

At Rutledge Properties, we don’t just help you find a house—we welcome you home.

We are proud to live, work, and participate in the communities we serve. Throughout your home buying process and beyond, we are here to share the insights you need to make a smooth transition into your new neighborhood. The buying process will be easier if you find a licensed real estate agent before you begin searching for homes. Make sure to choose someone who puts your needs first and truly feels like a member of your team. You’ll be spending a lot of time with your agent and you want to select someone you enjoy having around. We encourage our buyers, especially those new to the market, to be informed and prepared. Here is what you can expect when working with a Rutledge agent:


This meeting is all about gathering information and getting to know you. Your agent will ask about your goals, priorities, timeline, and budget. They will ask how you’d like to communicate throughout the process and answer any questions you might have.


Once your agent has a good understanding of what you are looking for, they will begin curating a list of possible homes for you to consider. This not only saves you time but also often uncovers options you may have otherwise missed. Of course, you can search on your own as well and let your agent know if there are properties you would like to view.


As you identify homes that look appealing, your agent will schedule and accompany you to showings. We work hard to be flexible and responsive so that you never miss an opportunity to view a home on your list. In the unusual instance that your agent is unable to be there, they will arrange backup from another licensed agent on our team.


Particularly in a highly desirable market, an experienced agent can make all the difference as you navigate the offer process. We will do everything we can to negotiate on your behalf and reach an agreement that you feel good about. We are also happy to provide referrals for attorneys, mortgage brokers, inspectors, and other professionals.


Your agent will accompany you to the closing, where you will sign plenty of documents and collect your new set of keys. We are pleased to continue to serve as a resource if you have any questions or need service professional referrals while settling into your new home.

Work With Us

You deserve an agent you trust. One that offers plenty of attention, timely responses, expert advice, and always puts your needs first. It’s that level of service that keeps Rutledge clients keep coming back to us, move after move.

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