Why Fall Can Be a Great Time to Buy a Home

Why Fall Can Be a Great Time to Buy a Home

During the peak of the pandemic there was no summer slowdown, but this year, we’ve noticed a return to a more normal market. While inventory is limited since many would-be sellers are away, there are also less buyers to compete with. And sellers of homes that didn’t sell in the spring  are more motivated to put a deal together. All this can make summer a great time to buy. 


However, if you don’t find the perfect home this summer, there are plenty of things to love about buying a home in the fall! 


Once we hit September, we’re expecting to be back to a busy market and September, October, and November are all great months to buy. 


A fall search gives you plenty of time to gather information and get organized in the summer. And contrary to popular belief, you don't need to move in the summer to ease the transition for kids. In fact, we often find an early fall move ideal for families. Summer can be a tough time to be the new kid since many people are away, and you can slip under the radar. Moving in the fall allows your children to hop into a new community at a moment where there are plenty of neighbors and classmates to welcome them with open arms. 


While the Rutledge team is ready to help at any time of year, these are a few things we particularly love about working with buyers in the fall: 


You'll have fewer process bottlenecks. 

Because fewer real estate transactions are happening in the fall than in the spring, you will have an easier time scheduling an inspector, getting through closing, and finding movers than you might at other times of year. 


You can approach your search with more information. 

Because you'll have time in the summer to review with your agent what happened in the spring, you'll go into your search with more knowledge. We have brochures on every home sold in your area and can help you understand the market so we can make confident choices in the fall. 


You can use your summer months to explore and prepare. 

Summer is a great time to explore different towns and get a feel for the community, the playgrounds, the summer programs, and more. Beyond that, you can use the summer to get pre-approved to have everything lined up for your fall home search. 


Are you preparing to buy this fall? We’d love to help you use these summer months to get ready to find the perfect home for your family. 



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